New Online Journal ~ Electryone

From the mailbag:

I am writing, in order to draw your attention to a new electronic journal, dedicated to Classical Studies and the Ancient Mediterranean World. The journal is named “Electryone” and it is hosted by the University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece.
You can visit it at

… it appears that the first issue is scheduled to come out in  July …

European Review Freebies on Ancient Medicine

This is another Cambridge Journals thing … the European Review has an issue on ancient medicine and the following are free (all the papers are pdf):

  • Heikki Solin, Was there a Medical School at Salerno in Roman Times?
  • Vivian Nutton, Galen and Roman Medicine: or can a Greek become a Latin?
  • Lola Ferre, The Jewish Contribution to the Transmission of the Classical Legacy
  • Gotthard Strohmaier, Arabic Medicine: Continuation of Greek Tradition and Innovation

… it seems easiest to access them here

Cambridge Classical Journals Freebies

From the mailbag:

We are pleased to announce that the 2012 volume of The Cambridge Classical Journal ( ) is now online with Cambridge Journals. To celebrate we are pleased to offer complimentary access to three key papers from the new volume. Simply click on the links below to enjoy access to these articles until 31st January 2013.

Horace, Odes 3.27: A New World For Galatea
Elizabeth Mitchell

The ‘Phoenician Letters’ of Dictys of Crete and Dionysus Scytobrachion
Karen Ní Mheallaigh

Tragedy and the Seductions of Philosophy
Miriam Leonard

Greece & Rome Freebies

The Cambridge Journals online folks have put some articles from vol. 59 of Greece and Rome up for free for a while (until mid-January), including:

  • Alison Rosenblitt, Rome and North Korea: Totalitarian Questions
  • James Robson,Transposing Aristophanes: The Theory and Practice of Translating Aristophanic Lyric
  • Sean Corner, Did ‘Respectable’ Women Attend Symposia?
  • Malcolm Heath, Greek Literature
  • B.M. Levick, Roman History

… as might be inferred, the latter pair are subject review type things. Check them out at: Greece & Rome

New Journal: Greek and Roman Musical Studies

They don’t have an issue out yet (it’s coming soon) but they do have a page at Brill, so it must be official. Here’s the description from that page:

Greek and Roman Musical Studies is a new journal, the first specialist periodical in the fields of ancient Greek and Roman music. It will publish papers offering cultural, historical, theoretical, archaeological, iconographical and other perspectives on music in Classical antiquity, and on its reception in later times (especially the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also more recent periods). The Editorial Board will also consider contributions on music elsewhere in the Mediterranean region, including Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Cross-disciplinary approaches will be particularly appreciated.