Learn Ancient Greek Religion from Robert Garland

My spiders brought this one back  last week … haven’t had a chance to check it out. Here’s a bit of a blurb:

This course offers an introduction to all the main features of ancient Greek religion. It introduces students to its principal gods and heroes, and details how to contact them and gain their goodwill. It explains how to avoid offending the gods, how the gods intervene in human life, how to consult the gods about the future, how to enlist the services of the divine healer, how to look after one’s dead so that they will be able to enter Hades, what to expect in the afterlife, and much more besides.

An Appeal from Rick LaFleur

In the interests of keeping online Latin teaching alive and well:

If you teach at a college/university, or know of one, that offers Latin classes online, would you please let me know off-list? UGA is, at least for the immediate future, discontinuing its online Latin offerings, and, having been involved in distance education for a great many years, I am exploring ways of continuing my online courses (currently Introductory Latin and Latin Teaching Methods), including possibly interesting another university in hosting them. GRATIAS!

… contact Doctor Illa Flora at lafleur922 AT hotmail.com

Gregory Nagy Teaches ‘The Ancient Greek Hero’

… and you can learn at the feet, so to speak, of the master himself! Harvard is offering the course as a free Open Access thing at edX. Check out the details here:

… or head straight to registration here: