Podcast ~ Drunk Archaeology: Trafficking Culture: Looting/Illicit Trade

The official description:

YAY! Here’s the second episode of the Drunk Archaeology podcast! In this 65-min program, Donna Yates of anonymousswisscollector.com, Meg Lambert of traffickingculture.org, and Sarah Parcak of the Laboratory for Global Observation talk about looting and the illicit trade of antiquities. While drinking “Buried Treasure” and “Tomb Raiders”. In Scotland.

Podcast: Drunk Archaeology, Episode 1: Pompeii | DrunkArchaeology


[noted in passing: Pompeii as the Kim Kardashian of Roman sites is going to be the top of my hit parade for a while]

[noted in passing 2… since this is the first episode, you probably need a warning about NSFW language, but this is definitely worth listening to; I’m sure it will give you a pile of info about Pompeii that you’ve never heard before]