Mary Beard at Town Hall

From the New York Review of Books:

On February 5, The New York Review celebrated its 50th anniversary at Town Hall in New York City. In this recording from the event, Mary Beard discusses the Review’s coverage of the classics from its first issue through to the present day, and the “inextricable embeddedness of the classical tradition within Western culture.”

The audio is here:

Romans and Computing

There’s an interesting post at Gizmodo that keeps popping up in my various feeds about the whether the ancient Romans were capable of building a digital computer … some interesting stuff and the author admits being a computer engineer and not a Roman historian. Still, he’s dying to experiment and throws down a challenge which some readers of rogueclassicism may want to take up:

… and in an interesting bit of synchronicity, a review from Aestimatio landed in my mailbox today of Ancient Computers: Part I. Rediscovery by Stephen Kent Stephenson …