Epigonion Redux

Science Daily is reporting on the ASTRA project’s reconstruction of an epigonion, apparently thinking this is something new. Faithful readers of rogueclassicism will recall this selfsame project’s selfsame news on this selfsame instrument back in September (from a report in the Register). Clearly the current report is designed for ‘publicity’ purposes:

The ASTRA project will be demonstrating the epigonion at this week’s
EGEE User Forum, 2-6 March 2009, Catania, Italy.  People will be able
to listen to the reconstructed instrument and play it using a MIDI
keyboard. The demonstration will also allow visitors to run real
reconstruction on the grid. A professional musician will play ancient
scores on the epigonion.

Back in September we noted that an mp3 was available of the reconstructed instrument’s sound, but tonight it seems to be consistently crashing firefox … ymmv.