Also Seen: Amazon Women

A feature over at Smithsonian Magazine … not sure if someone should mention specifying ‘women’ in regards to the Amazons is somewhat redundant, but then again, it might be necessary for search engine purposes:

If you want a bit more depth, check out Adrienne Mayor’s posts over at Wonders and Marvels (and I think she has an Amazon book coming out soon):

… and if you have access to academia edu:


Podcast: In Our Time | The Amazons

The Amazons

Here’s the tease for this one:

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Amazons, a tribe of formidable female warriors first described in Greek literature. They appear in the Homeric epics and were described by Herodotus, and featured prominently in the decoration of Greek vases and public buildings. In later centuries, particularly in the Renaissance, the Amazons became a popular theme of literature and art. After the discovery of the New World, the largest river in South America was named the Amazon, since the warlike tribes inhabiting the river’s margins reminded Spanish pioneers of the warriors of classical myth.


Paul Cartledge
A.G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture at Cambridge University

Chiara Franceschini
Teaching Fellow at University College London and an Academic Assistant at the Warburg Institute

Caroline Vout
University Senior Lecturer in Classics and Fellow and Director of Studies at Christ’s College, Cambridge.

Amazon and Scythian Words on Greek Vases?

This is yet another one which I could have sworn I had posted, but which I can’t find when I look for it. A very interesting article by Adrienne Mayor (and several others … it’s a pdf):

… to which we can add some commentary by languagehat: