Around the Classical Blogosphere ~ July 20, 2017

Today’s pass through the Classical Blogosphere:

Green papyri: Egypt steps in | Roberta Mazza

The Emoji Thucydides | Sphinx

A Don’s Life: A great little Greek Museum 

Hercules, the autistic imagination and Our Mythical Hope | Mythology and Autism

Our Knowledge of Early Christianity | Larry Hurtado’s Blog

Antiquities dealer brings a libel suit – Illicit Cultural Property

The epigraphic gallery of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples is now open! | Greek in Italy

Astrology, Cycles of Time, and Chronology among Pagan Greeks and Christians – Jason Colavito

Some useful reconstructions of the vast “Temple of the Sun / Serapis” on the Quirinal – Roger Pearse

Palladio and the “Temple of the Sun” in Rome – Roger Pearse

The stairs at the back of Aurelian’s Temple of the Sun – Roger Pearse