More Olympics Journal Articles

I guess the folks at Cambridge Journals liked the attention given to their freebies (I doubt we were alone in mentioning them) during the Olympics, and now that the Olympics are over, they’ve come out with a pile more, all from the Journal of Hellenic Studies. There is some overlap with the previous list, but there’s some good noggin fodder in general there (e.g. John Boardman’s note on strigils makes passing mention of strigils as prizes for athletic competition, which might have some application to that purported gladiatrix statue claim which we don’t buy into). Also definitely worth browsing through is Mark Golden’s intro to the collection. Check them out here:


Ancient Olympics Compendium

As might be expected, there has been a pile of attention in the popular press being paid to the ancient version of the Olympics and I figured it would be a useful thing to gather a bunch of them together in one post to give you some way to kill time while you were waiting for the opening ceremonies, or if you wanted to read something instead of watching the opening ceremonies, or whether you missed the opening ceremonies, or whether the opening ceremonies made you wonder what the ancients did. ‘Nuff said? Ecce and enjoy … you should be able to kill a couple hours with this one:
First and foremost, the fine folks at Cambridge Journals have made a huge selection (20+) of articles available (for free) which touch upon the ancient Olympics/athletics in some way:

I mentioned this as a Blogosphere post, but it bears repeating … the Ancient Olympics blog has a feature on the Ancient Opening Ceremonies, such as they were (and there’s plenty of other items of interest at the AO blog, of course):

A video break … the Iris Project’s Lorna Robinson talks about the Olympics 2012 project (tip o’ the pileus to the Classics Confidential folks):

Ages ago, BBC Magazine had a nice feature on the ‘basics’ of the ancient games:

Tip o’ the pileus to Arthur Shippee for drawing our attention to an NPR interview with Tony Perrottet about poetry and the Olympics:

You can get a sense of the focus of the London Evening Standard‘s feature on Olympia and the ancient games from the headline:

In a similar vein is the Daily Mail‘s offering, which actually is a semi-review of Neil Faulkner’s A Visitor’s Guide to the Ancient Olympics:

Margaret Butler (Tulane) has some commentary on the ancient game v. the modern ones which will be showing up in various forms this weekend, I suspect:

Self-explanatory, from the University of Sydney (tip o’ the pileus to John McMahon):

Greek Reporter seems to not have liked a British Documentary:

We can do some more clearing of our email box by noting that the Nemean Games revival also has been getting some press attention … first (and most recent), an ITV news report:

… and from the Spenborough Guardian (the date on this is today, but it’s older):

… and the other Guardian … they also have video:

And now some more videos which I came across in my idleness (not recent, but useful):

An Emory-sponsored lecture by Dr. Hans-Joachim Gehrke on excavations at Olympia:

I suppose we should include the Horrible Histories coverage:

… and since I still can’t find a video of Boris Johnson’s complete performance of Armand D’Angour’s ode, here’s a performance of the first part of a modern adaptation of Pindar’s first Pythian: