T-Pen: A Tool for Transcribing Manuscripts

Jack Sasson mentioned this one in one of his daily missives:

“T-PEN: A Transcription Tool for Digital Humanities”

T-PEN stands for “Transcription for Paleographical and Editorial
Notation.”  This is a web-based, open-access digital tool for editing
texts in manuscript.

The links below will take you to the T-PEN blog, which gives updates
on this soon-to-be-released (and free!) digital tool.  The following
link will take you to a YouTube video demonstrating the program in its
beta release.

T-PEN main page:  <http://t-pen.org/TPEN/ >– embedded in this are
links to YouTube videos that demonstrate the program in action

T-PEN blog:  <http://digital-editor.blogspot.com/>.

Watch the ‘how to’ video for a bit … this is a rather neat tool …