Boris Johnson’s Original Oration of Armand D’Angour’s Ode at the Royal Opera House

Armand D’Angour has written to inform us that a somewhat shaky video of Boris Johnson’s original oration of Dr. D’Angour’s ode is available at his site. It’s rather dramatic (and funny) and is rather more formal than the plaque-ceremony repeat which we mentioned last week (Boris Johnson Orates Armand D’Angour’s Olympian Ode!!).  Here’s a direct link to the video (it takes a while to download). Dr. D’Angour’s page on the Ode and the events surrounding it is also definitely worth a visit: Ode for London Olympics 2012

A Taste of Boris’ Oration

I’ve been anxiously checking in on Youtube in the hopes of seeing a video of Boris’ performance of Armand D’Angour’s Olympian ode and while we still don’t have the full thing, Susannah Davis (on Twitter; naturally we direct a tip o’ the pileus to her) did point us to this glimpse from a Greek source:

cf: <a href=””>London 2012 Olympic Ode!</a>