Alexander the Great(ish) Miniseries in Development

This looks interesting … the first couple of paragraphs from an item in Variety:

India’s Jungle Book Entertainment is targeting the U.S. market, working with Canadian producer Fred Fuchs to develop big-budget English-language TV drama “Greeks,” in association with Canada’s Take 5 Prods. (“Vikings”).

“Greeks” is set in 326 BC during Alexander the Great’s invasion of the Indian subcontinent. The skein focuses on two boys who study together, the Greek Seleucus Nicator and the Indian Chanakya, who find themselves in opposite camps years later when the former becomes a general in Alexander’s army and the latter is adviser to Indian ruler Chandragupta Maurya. […]

Interesting premise … possibly has potential. It will probably inevitably be compared to Spartacus, though …

Swords and Six-Pack Abs

Tip o’ the pileus (or perhaps crunch of the rectus abdominis is more appropriate) to Julia Borek (who also was first to use the ‘contact the rogueclassicist’ thing) for sending in this ‘different’ view of sword and sandal flicks: