This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem vii kalendas novembres

ante diem vii kalendas novembres

English: The Bothmer Gallery at the Metropolit...
The Bothmer Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the rooms dedicated to former curator Dietrich von Bothmer.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • ludi Victoriae Sullanae (day 1) — games held in honour of Victoria commemorating Sulla’s defeat of the Samnites in 82 B.C.
  • 1656 B.C. — Noah enters the ark (this must be Bishop Ussher again)
  • 31 A.D. — suicide of Apicata, wife of the disgraced Praetorian Praefect Sejanus
  • ca 250 A.D. — martyrdom of Lucian and Marcian
  • 1852 — during a “violent storm” at Athens, one of the columns of the “Temple of Jupiter Olympus” was toppled
  • 1917 — birth of Machteld Mellink (archaeologist and staunch advocate against the trade of looted antiquities)
  • 1918 — birth of Dietrich von Bothmer (curator of Greek and Roman Art at the Metropolitan)
  • 2008 — death of Fr Michele Piccirillo (co founder of the mosaic museum in Jordan)

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem xi kalendas novembres

Column of Julius Caesar, where he addressed hi...
Column of Julius Caesar, where he addressed his army to march on Rome and start the Civil War, Rimini, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia) [more info needed on this, I think]
ante diem xi kalendas novembres

  • 4004 B.C. — 9.00 a.m. … according to Bishop Ussher, God created the universe
  • 50 B.C. — the ‘Civil War’ between Pompey and Caesar began (not sure where this one comes from)
  • 1915 — Birth of Barbara Craig (Classical archaeologist)
  • 2000 — death of H.D. Jocelyn (The Tragedies of Ennius)
  • 2000 — death of John Kent (numismatist)
  • 2013 — death of Elizabeth Frances Jones (Classicist)