Exhibition: Pompeii and the Roman Villa

rogueclassicist’s note: I have long thought there was a need for some sort of ‘repository’ of information about ongoing exhibitions, with links to appropriate websites, reviews, etc. (and I’m hoping rogueclassicism readers who have visited the exhibition will want to add their own reviews in the comments). This is my first attempt at such, although the exhibition itself will soon be moving to a new venue.

Pompeii and the Roman Villa

National Gallery of Art: October 19, 2008–March 22, 2009

Los Angeles County Museum of Art: May 3–October 4, 2009

Website: Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples (National Gallery — an excellent exhibition page, which includes a feature on the exhibition, videos, brochures, student guides for Latin classes, podcasts, and much more — clearly setting a standard for other exhibitions of this sort to follow)

Website: Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples (LA County Museum — ‘upcoming’)

Reviews of the National Gallery installation:

One thought on “Exhibition: Pompeii and the Roman Villa

  1. Greetings,
    I went to this exhibit a couple of weeks ago (right before that huge storm that hit the east coast)…making the long trek from Mississauga Ontario.

    My reason for going was to film some video bytes for the class I am teaching this summer (I am having the students do a Google Earth “mashup” of some of the houses in Pompeii)…but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to do any photography in the exhibit. No suprise really – but I tried to be covert!

    All in all – the exhibit was very good. A bit on the “art” side for me (since I am an archaeologist) – but the group that was going through at the same time as me seemed to enjoy it. I have seen many of these items in Italy proper…and seeing them out of their context was a bit disconcerting – but fun nonetheless. The video (watched before the visit) was very well done and I’ll be showing it in class for certain. If anyone wants more details…let me know.

    There was an audio tour you could take – but I opted to follow my own narrative as I wound my way through the exhibits.

    One thing I will say – if you have the chance to pick up the exhibit catalog….it is a great deal for $35.00 US.

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