Pella Workshop

A brief item from ANA which will hopefully spark some longer articles with more detail:

A recently excavated ceramics workshop has yielded a plethora of information concerning the economic activities of Hellenistic-era Pella, one of the most significant sites in the ancient kingdom of Macedon, according to archaeologists in Thessaloniki on Monday, who spoke during a presentation of artifacts and findings.

The workshop, unearthed by archaeologists of the culture ministry’s 17th directorate of prehistoric and classical studies, was discovered north of the new entrance of the Pella archaeological site. It is believed to have been in operation between the final quarter of the 4th century BC and 200 BC.

A plumbing system used to clean the potter’s clay is among the most notable findings, while a furnace and storage areas were also uncovered.

Movable artifacts include pottery casts, vessels, fragments of statuettes and silver and bronze coins.

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