From the Italian Press

Assorted items of interest which may or may not make it to the English-reading press:

A pair of 5th/4th century B.C. burials found during sewer construction in Canosa:

From the same period come similar finds from Castellaneta; the site is clearly much larger, but there aren’t any funds to excavate, apparently:

A second century A.D. necropolis of some 300 burials from the Piana del Sole-Castel Malnome; apparently already found by tombaroli:

A story about some guy who discovered the thing he was using in his garden as a trough or whatever for these past number of years was actually a fourth century Roman sarcophagus:

The first century (A.D.) Roman Villa at Pincio, which includes first century (B.C.) mosaics, will be restored by this fall:

Some purloined Apulian (?) items recovered over forty years ago are going on display; interesting comments at the end of the piece about how the lack of provenance presents difficulties for researchers:

An Italian woman was arrested at the airport in Florence with some antiquities from Herculaneum and the Villa Soria at Torre del Greco:

Some tombaroli were apprehended in Enna:

The Sanctuary of Minerva at Breno is open to the public until the end of September:

They’ve reopened some of the rooms in the Baths of Diocletian:

A sort of touristy thing on the House of the Surgeon at Rimini:

Interesting treasure-hunt-in-the-museum idea:

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