Roman Skeleton From Kingsholm

Interesting little item … here’s the incipit:

A ROMAN skeleton which was found in Kingsholm is being investigated by archeologists who are keen to trace his origins.

The male skeleton was discovered in 1972, north of Kingsholm Square and ever since experts have wondered where he came from. Now, the Gloucester City Museum has had funding for the analysis of the skeleton using new technology to work out where he originated. Member and former president of The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Carolyn Heighway, said: “We believe he was a special person in the late Roman period in Gloucester, judging by his grand belt and buckles and that sort of thing.

“Subsequently it was judged by academics that he could have been of eastern European origin and was probably part of the Roman army.”

The body had been placed in the floor of a mausoleum and the man, aged between 25 and 30 years old, was wearing distinctive military gear which included a silver belt buckle, shoe buckles and strap end, and a knife with a strip of silver set into the handle.

It was found by city archaeologist Henry Hurst and was thought to date from the late 4th century, or the early years of the 5th.

Oddly, no photos or further info at the museum’s website

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