From the Italian Press 05/03/09

Scanning the Italian ‘papers’ …

A Roman bridge is being excavated in Parma:

Plans to build an archaeological park at Tivoli (about time!):

… and plans for Pompeii (I don’t quite understand what’s new in this one):

Assorted small finds recovered from a house in Taranto:

Somewhat larger finds from a bust at Matera:

Similiter at Tarquinia:

… and at the Grotta di Entella (Sicily):

Complaining (it seems) about the inaccessibility of assorted (interesting) Roman tombs beneath the Chiesa dello Spirito Santo:

Very brief account of a conference on Ostia Antica:

In the wake of the damage to the Baths of Caracalla in that earthquake, politicians are pointing fingers and blaming each other:

… and the site of Amiternum has reopened:

They’re trying (it seems) to incorporate the Colosseum somehow into the Champions League final on May 27, but it’s controversial:

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