Ex Deo: Romulus

Even if you’re not a fan of Death Metal, classicist types should find the imagery of the title track of Ex Deo’s latest Roman-themed project of interest:

Exclaim (to whom I tip my pileus) also includes a list of tracks on the album (do they call them albums any more?):

1. “Romulus”
2. “Storm the Gates of Alesia”
3. “Cry Havoc”
4. “In Her Dark Embrace”
5. “Invictus”
6. “The Final War (Battle of Actium)”
7. “Legio XIII”
8. “Blood, Courage and the God’s That Walk the Earth”
9. “Cruor Nostri Abbas”
10. “Surrender The Sun”
11. “The Pantheon (Jupiter’s Reign)”

3 thoughts on “Ex Deo: Romulus

  1. I am sorry but I started laughing when I heard the singer (?) kick it. That kind of voice is like wearing a cowboy hat when playing Country Music in the states; it’s kind of passé.

    If he could sing it in Latin, that might creep me out. 🙂

    1. … yeah; that’s a Death Metal thing I guess … fill your throat with phlegm and growl the lyrics

  2. right, that’s a death metal thing.. and Maurizio has full control of his voice! Apparently this will be a killer album..

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