d.m. Sylvia Lennick

I’m sure folks are scratching their head and wondering who Sylvia Lennick is … here’s the incipit of her obit in the Globe and Mail:

Sylvia Lennick, the last surviving member of the Wayne and Shuster comedy troupe, died this morning of complications from pneumonia in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. She was 93.

A stalwart presence for decades as an actor and singer on Canadian radio, stage and television, Ms. Lennick got more applause than the headliners when the troupe appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in May, 1958 with a performance of “Rinse the Blood Off My Toga,” a Dragnet-type crime skit in which Mr. Wayne, as private eye Flavius Maximus, tries to finger Marcus Brutus, played by Frank Shuster, for the murder of Julius Caesar. As Calpurnia, the bereaved widow, Ms. Lennick brought the house down at rehearsal and then with viewers when she repeatedly wailed, “I told him, Julie don’t go,” a line that was picked up across the country and is still synonymous with her name.

Which, of course, provides us with yet another opportunity to share this:

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