What To Do With A Classics Degree … Daniel Levin

We can add the author of the recently-released The Last Ember to the list … from the Courier-Journal:

New York author Daniel Levin has garnered rave reviews for his debut suspense novel, “The Last Ember” — a fictional thriller set in Rome and the Middle East.

Jonathan Marcus, the book’s protagonist, and Dr. Emili Travia, an Italian U.N. preservationist, become the targets of murderous historical revisionists as they race from the labyrinth beneath the Roman Coliseum to the biblical-era tunnels of Jerusalem in search of Jerusalem’s most precious artifact, the Tabernacle Menorah.

Levin, who will meet the public and talk about “The Last Ember” (Riverhead Books, $25.95) at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Jewish Community Center, acknowledged a fascination with ancient espionage of the Roman world while a student at the University of Michigan where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Roman and Greek civilizations.

“Here’s a thriller set in Jerusalem where archaeology is politics and history is more fragile than you think. While the novel is fiction, the illegal archaeological excavations beneath the Temple Mount are not,” Levin said.


See also his biography at his home page. We’ll add this to our ever-growing collection of delicious tags to bios etc. of folks in the ‘real world’ with Classics-related degrees.

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