Colchester Roman Circus Saved?

The campaigners have reached their goal … does this mean that the Circus is saved or are there other hurdles?

Campaigners in Colchester hit their target yesterday of raising £200,000 towards saving the only Roman chariot-racing circus ever found in Britain. Nothing remains above ground except a few stones, but the campaigners aim to buy a Victorian garden which covers a crucial part of the track: the starting gates from which the chariots, pulled by four horses, would have raced past raked seating for 15,000 spectators – more than twice the population when Colchester was a Roman town.Most of the money came in small donations from local people. They organised events including a chariot and two horses hurtling around the car park before Colchester United’s match against Oldham on February 20.The campaigners hope that local community groups, including the Colchester Archaeological Trust, which discovered the circus, will buy a listed but derelict sergeant’s mess which adjoins the garden to build a visitor centre.

via Campaigners hit £200,000 target to save Colchester’s Roman circus | Guardian .

One thought on “Colchester Roman Circus Saved?

  1. i’m from auckland new zealand. there are no roman ruins in nz. It’s great to hear a bunch of people raising money to save something from another time. here you’d struggle to get anyone to fork out ten bucks to save anything.


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