The Little Mermaid — The Greek Version

DSC00545, Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark....
Image by lyng883 via Flickr

Folks might be aware that the ‘Little Mermaid’ from Copenhagen’s harbour is temporarily residing at the Shanghai World Expo. Some press coverage includes this little tidbit:

“Different cultures have different interpretations of the Mermaid. We have another story of the Mermaid,” said Flora Kotzia, a visitor from Greece.

According to the Greek story, the Mermaid was the sister of Alexander the Great. She was broken-hearted when Alexander died and killed herself by throwing herself into the sea. The gods pitied her and give her life again, but made her half woman and half fish. So she lived in the water and since then she had searched for her brother, asking the crews of passing ships, “Have you seen Alexander the Great?”

via The Little Mermaid — To travel is to live | Xinhua.


One thought on “The Little Mermaid — The Greek Version

  1. She also managed to drink the water he brought back from the fountain of life that he brought back (or something along those lines), so she was immortal to boot.

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