What To Do With A Classics Degree: Part ?

A financial blog called FINS has an interview with “HFM” who is described:

Meet “HFM,” an anonymous hedge fund manager who sat down for multiple interviews on the financial crisis from 2007 through 2009 with the literary magazine n+1. Those interviews have been collected and released as a book “Diary of a Very Bad Year: Confessions of an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager.”

Here’s the beginning of the interview:

Julie Steinberg: How you become a hedge-fund manager?

Anonymous HFM: My academic background was, strangely enough, in classics (i.e., Latin and Greek). Not the most useful preparation for finance, except that I can attest with the certainty of a credentialed classicist that “vega” is not a Greek letter.

I was working at a strategy-consulting firm and was looking to move back to New York City. A college roommate had gone to work as a quant for a hedge fund. His firm had just opened a New York office and was looking for someone to assist him in building the emerging markets business.

via Reflections on a Hedge-Fund Career | fins.com.

This book just came out last month (not to be confused with a similarly-named novel by J. Coetzee), and the visual side of me can’t resist posting the thing Harper-Collins put together to hype it:

… who said Classicists were boring?

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