Latin Summer with Ascanius Youth Classics

I think we need to give the Ascanius Youth Classics people some props (I’ve left the links live in this one for folks who want to follow up … from the Magic City Post:

LatinSummer Birmingham is a 10-day summer program that exposes kids to the world of the ancient Romans through hands on activities. The program is for 2nd to 7thgraders from July 16 to July 27 at Samford University. The goal of the program is to spark interest in the classical world in children, so no prior knowledge is necessary. Students from all over the southeast are invited to enroll.

“Roman history and Latin, and the Classics, have a reputation for being taught in a dull way or being really difficult.  Instead, we want to bring the Romans to young students in a way that’s exciting and sparks their interest,” said Lisa Yeager, Director of LatinSummer Birmingham.

The program is designed to provide fun activities that meet the goals of a liberal arts education. The program focuses on three parts: ancient Roman culture, Greco-Roman mythology, and classical and conversational Latin. Students are encouraged to make connections between what they learn and their own lives.

“Students are going to study the Romans and Greeks at various points in school, so we want them to have a positive experience like LatinSummer to build on as a framework for really understanding the ancient world when they get to World History class or Literature class later on,” Yeager said.

Ascanius Youth Classics Institute, a nonprofit organization, has conducted the LatinSummer program in cities throughout the eastern United States, but LatinSummer Birmingham will be the first to take place in the southeast. The program in Birmingham is a partnership with the Samford University Department of Classics.

“LatinSummer benefits students because they make these beautiful connections between the past and the present,” said Yeager.

For more information on Ascanuis Youth Classics Institute check out their website and Facebook. For more information on LatinSummer Birmingham, including how to enroll a child, check out their website and Facebook.

via: LatinSummer Birmingham Introduces Kids to the Ancient World (Magic City Post)

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