Vergil and Woody Guthrie

Interesting item from a piece on Woody Guthrie, inter alia:

[The ancient Roman poet] Virgil could sit and speak in iambic pentameter, like a modern rap artist. Woody could do the same thing. He could speak in poetry.”

I’ve never heard that about Vergil before … anyone know of a source?


One thought on “Vergil and Woody Guthrie

  1. Most actors with a specialty in Shakespeare can improvise pentameter ad-lib (e.g., after an accident on stage: “Thou canst not say I did not fall for thee.”), and I have seen, myself, a lunatic proclaim the Earl of Oxford wrote the plays because Elizabethan nobles all conducted conversations in blank verse .

    Vergil, however, is hardly the same, whose forte is in dactyls. Did he write in iambics at all? If he did, I don’t know it.

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