Médée Miracle

Back in April, a certain Jesse Vader dropped me a note:

Because the people at Urban Distribution have been very helpful in providing access to the movie Medee Miracle for my Latin class here in Colorado, as we analyze different versions of the Medea myth, including Euripides, Ovid, Jose Triana, and Tonino de Bernardi, I wanted to give the film a shout-out since I could not find it, while searching your site. So, if you so please, mention the movie and its connection to the ancient world.

… I confess to have never heard of this one before, so it took a bit of researching. The storyline for the English version from the IMDB will be familiar to our readers:

Irene moves to Paris to begin a new life with her husband Jason and their two daughters, but an act of betrayal and her desire for revenge soon sends her to the brink of madness

There’s a trailer for the original French version:

… looks like it has potential …


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