Katy Perry as Aphrodite?

This is one of my shameless attempts to increase traffic by using the name of a popculch icon in a post … from the incipit of an item at one of those azcentral pages (probably originally in the Republic) :

Katy Perry was suspended from school for ”humping a tree”.

The ‘Part of Me’ singer – who was raised by strict Christian parents and went to a religious school – admits she was disciplined by her teachers after acting out a love scene with a tree.

She said: ”When I was in sixth grade I was suspended from school for humping a tree! We were doing a play on Greek mythology and I was Aphrodite My love interest was absent and so I used the tree as my partner.”

”It was a Christian school!” […]

… hmmm, wonder what the scene with the ‘love interest’ was like …

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