This Day in Ancient History: nonae iuliae

nonae iuliae

  • ludi Apollinares (day 2)– games instituted in 212 B.C. after consulting the Sybilline books during a particularly bad stretch in the Punic Wars; four years later they became an annual festival in honour of Apollo
  • feriae Ancillarum — a festival in honour of the “maids” who helped save Rome from a Latin attack in the days after the Gallic sack
  • rites in honour of Juno Caprotina — rites possibly associated with the above in which Latin women offered sacrifices to Juno Caprotina under wild fig trees (the branches of the tree were also somehow used … the old canard of ‘fertility ritual’ is usually mentioned in this context)
  • rites in honour of Consus in the Circus Maximus — ‘public priests’ offered a sacrifice to Consus (possibly in a role of presiding over grain which has been stored underground) at his underground altar (was it uncovered for this?) at the first turning point in the Circus
  • eighth century B.C.? — death/disappearance of Romulus (traditional, obviously)
  • 267 B.C. — dedication of the Temple of Pales (and associated rites thereafter)
  • 175 A.D. — the future emperor Commodus dons his toga virilis
  • c. 200 A.D. — martyrdom of Pantaenus (a Stoic!)
  • 1586 — birth of Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel (amasser of the Arundelian Marbles)

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