Assorted Contacts Between Classics and Pop Culture

I think this is one of the reasons my mailbox is so full at times … so many news items try to make some tangential connection between some pop culture phenomenon of the moment and the ancient world. So I think I’ll just wade through them all and let y’all pick and choose for yourself which ones are worth your time:

At the outset, I once pondered a post expressing my growing weariness with anyone vaguely looking Cleopatraish being labelled as “channelling Cleopatra” … most recently it was Lindsay Lohan:

… and a tip o’ the pileus to Dorothy King for pointing out Lohan wasn’t the only one doing the “channelling” thing:

Then there was Demi Lovato’s revealing garb at the Teens Choice Awards, which was supposedly ‘gladiator-inspired’:

… and it wasn’t just women’s fashion trying to connect:

… and we appear to have gone from gladiator sandals to greek ones:

And also on the fashion front, someone was putting clothes on statuary (all designated ‘ancient Greek’, although only a couple are):

… and for some reason, there has been a mini-interest in smutty Pompeiian graffiti as if this ‘suddenly’ burst onto the web, even though the ultimate source is the Pompeiiana page which is at least a decade (if not more) old:

Someone was playing with Roman numerals:

The Spartacus folks gave us a glimpse of their ‘gladiator training’:

Not sure if I mentioned this documentary in the works:

… there … the ‘starred’ things are below 900 …

Addendum (August 2): in the Daily Mail we see the least-Cleopatraish channeling job evah: Walk like an Egyptian! Rihanna flashes her flesh in a leather bra and gold skirt as she channels Cleopatra in sexy snaps from her summer tour

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