Greek Inscription From Plovdiv

Another one from Focus Fen which seems to have lost something in translation:

“A construction inscription in ancient Greek language was discovered during the archaeological excavations in the western part of the Roman Forum in Bulgaria’s second biggest city of Plovdiv. Head of the archaeological team Elena Kisyakova announced the news for Radio FOCUS – Plovdiv.

“The inscription dates back to the times of Empiror Antoninus Pius, who governed in 138-161, and shows that the building was built in his honour. It is, however, unclear who paid for the construction of the building, since only a small part of the inscription is preserved. It was deciphered by epigraph Nikolay Sharankov. We hope to end up with the mediaeval layer and reach the ancient one in few days,” Kisyakova commented.

At the moment her team has reached 2 metres under the modern layer, as the ancient findings are expected to pop up a meter deeper.

In the beginning of the excavations in the western part of the Forum in June, which nowadays is situated between the Tsar Simeonovata Gradina City Park and the Central Post Office, the archaeologists expressed hopes to reach one of the central entrances to the big city square and find the western Propylaea. So far they have found only ceramics, characteristic for the X and XII centuries.

The finds from Plovdiv (ancient Philipopolis/Trimontium) are certainly varied; this is the first we’ve read about the excavations in the forum, I think. Our previous coverage:

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