Reviews from BMCR

  • 2012.08.13:  Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, Christophe Cusset, Euphorion. Oeuvre poétique et autres fragments. Fragments, 14.
  • 2012.08.12:  Philip Freeman, Quintus Tullius Cicero. How To Win an Election: an Ancient Guide for Modern Politicians.
  • 2012.08.11:  Gianpaolo Urso, Dicere laudes: elogio, comunicazione, creazione del consenso. Atti del convegno internazionale, Cividale del Friuli, 23-25 settembre 2010. I convegni della Fondazione Niccolò Canussio, 10.
  • 2012.08.10:  M. Migliori, L. M. Napolitanio Valditara, A. Fermani, Inner Life and Soul: Psyche in Plato. Lecturae Platonis, 7.
  • 2012.08.09:  M. L. West, The Making of the Iliad: Disquisition and Analytical Commentary.
  • 2012.08.08:  Édith Parmentier, Francesca Prometea Barone, Nicolas de Damas. Histoires; Recueil de coutumes; Vie d’Auguste; Autobiographie. Fragments.
  • 2012.08.07:  Jennifer Trimble, Women and Visual Replication in Roman Imperial Art and Culture. Greek culture in the Roman world.
  • 2012.08.06:  René Treuil, L’archéologie cognitive: techniques, modes de communication, mentalités. Cogniprisme.
  • 2012.08.05:  Cécile Corbel-Morana, Le Bestiaire d’Aristophane. Collection d’études anciennes. Série grecque, 144.
  • 2012.08.04:  Verity J. Platt, Facing the Gods: Epiphany and Representation in Graeco-Roman Art, Literature and Religion. Greek culture in the Roman world.
  • 2012.08.03:  Imre Tóth, Fragmente und Spuren nichteuklidischer Geometrie bei Aristoteles. Beiträge zur Altertumskunde Bd. 280.
  • 2012.08.02:  Christopher Watkin, From Plato to Postmodernism: the Story of Western Culture through Philosophy, Literature and Art.
  • 2012.07.57:  David Raeburn, Oliver Thomas, The Agamemnon of Aeschylus: a Commentary for Students.
  • 2012.07.56:  Nikolaos Vakonakis, Das griechische Drama auf dem Weg nach Byzanz: der euripideische Cento Christos Paschon. Classica Monacensia, Bd 42.
  • 2012.07.55:  Harvey Yunis, Plato: Phaedrus. Cambridge Greek and Latin classics.
  • 2012.07.54:  Katerina Servi, The Acropolis: the Acropolis Museum.
  • 2012.07.53:  John Glucker, Charles Burnett, Greek into Latin from Antiquity until the Nineteenth Century. Warburg Institute colloquia, 18
  • 2012.07.52:  Ian Johnston, G. H. R. Horsley, Galen: Method of Medicine. Volume III, Books 10-14. Loeb classical library, 518.
    Ian Johnston, G. H. R. Horsley, Galen: Method of Medicine. Volume II, Books 5-9. Loeb classical library 517.

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