Roman Bridge from Sostra?

Another tantalizingly brief one from Bulgaria … this time from the Focus news agency:

“An ancient Roman bridge was found over Osam River by the Sostra stronghold near the town of Troyan”, archeologist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov, deputy-director of the National Historical Museum said for FOCUS News Agency .

The discovery was made today. The ancient Roman bridge over Osam River connects roadside station of Sostra stronghold with a Thracian sanctuary, which is being currently researched.

“Since one week an expedition of the National Historical Museum and the National Archeological Institute and the Museum of Arts in Troyan has been working on exploration of the Thracian sanctuary of the Thracian Horseman dated from the Roman ages”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov said.

In the past, we’ve heard of a Gallienus Inscription being found in the area … for a sort of overview of what has been found there over the years, here’s an item which I put in Explorator but strangely not in rogueclassicism: “Sostra” Fortress

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