Amphora 10.1 (Summer 2012) Available!

The APA’s Amphora has resumed publication and it’s chock full of outreachy goodness — this is a great issue … here’s the TOC:

Tales from the Triclinium:How to Be a Hit at a Roman Dinner Party
The Glory that was greece
Capital Campaign News
Summer Beach Reading for Classicists
Book Review: “Diogenes”
Goethe and Tacitus
Where in Athens Did Paul See the Altar of the Unknown God?
Ajax in America
A Tale of Two Neropoleis: Social Networking in Ancient Rome
Love Is a Rhythmical Art: Ovid in Limericks
Book Review: “The Horse,The Wheel, and Language”

Personally, at this point in the development of the internet, I’d be setting up something with iTunes newsstand or something (if possible) so people can subscribe to this thing for free and read them on their iPads or Kindles or whatever …

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