Assorted Finds from Turkey

From Today’s Zaman:

Archaeological excavations at three locations in Turkey have revealed numerous artifacts from three ancient cities.

The excavations of the area, which have been ongoing for seven years, have also revealed an amphitheater, the first hospital in the historical Lycian region and the stoa of the ancient city. Assistant Professor from Akdeniz University İsa Turgut stated that they have cleared the area carefully from debris and plan to reveal the façade of the mausoleum next year.

Meanwhile, excavations being carried out at Enez Castle in the northwestern province of Edirne have resulted in the discovery of a 2,500-year-old urn, a 2,350-year-old bronze wine goblet and cultural ruins dating back to the fourth century B.C.

The mayor of Enez, Ahmet Çayır, stated that five houses around the area had been expropriated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Under the scope of nationalization, the ministry compensated the owners of the houses and demolished them to continue with the excavations.

A team of 40 started restorations in Hadrianopolis in Eskipazar, a district of the Black Sea province of Karabük, where illegal excavations had damaged the historic artifacts. The town was reportedly built by Roman Emperor Hadrian.

Assistant professor Vedat Keleş of Atatürk University told reporters that they are working to prevent further damage to the churches in the city and that the team has cleaned nearly 1 million mosaic tiles in two months.

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