Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 2012.11.08:  Richard Stoneman, Kyle Erickson, Ian Netton, The Alexander Romance in Persia and the East. Ancient Narrative supplementum, 15.
  • 2012.11.07:  Christian Krötzl, Katariina Mustakallio, On Old Age: Approaching Death in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The History of Daily Life 2.
  • 2012.11.06:  Averil Cameron, The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity 395-700 AD. Second edition. Routledge History of the Ancient World
  • 2012.11.05:  Robert A. Kaster, Macrobii Ambrosii Theodosii Saturnalia. Oxford Classical Texts.
  • 2012.11.04:  Sandra Boehringer, L’homosexualité féminine dans l’Antiquité grecque et romaine. Collection d’Etudes Anciennes, 135. Série grecque.
  • 2012.11.03:  Catherine Collobert, Pierre Destrée, Francisco J. Gonzalez, Plato and Myth: Studies on the Use and Status of Platonic Myths. Mnemosyne. Supplements, 337.
  • 2012.11.02:  Eric M. Moormann, Divine Interiors: Mural Paintings in Greek and Roman Sanctuaries. Amsterdam Archaeological Studies, 16.
  • 2012.10.61:  Martina Paul, Fibeln und Gürtelzubehör der späten römischen Kaiserzeit aus ‘Augusta Vindelicum’/ Augsburg. Münchner Beiträge zur Provinzialrömischen Archäologie, 3.
  • 2012.10.60:  Eckart Olshausen, Vera Sauer, Die Schätze der Erde – Natürliche Ressourcen in der antiken Welt. Stuttgarter Kolloquium zur Historischen Geographie des Altertums 10, 2008. Geographica Historica, Bd. 28.
  • 2012.10.59:  Rosario P.A. Patané​, Impero di Roma e passato troiano nella società del II secolo. Il punto di vista di una famiglia di Centuripe. Quaderni del Museo civico lanuvino 3​.
  • 2012.10.58:  Laura Gawlinski, The Sacred Law of Andania: a New Text with Commentary. Sozomena, 11. B
  • 2012.10.57:  Amanda Wrigley, Translation, Performance, and Reception of Greek Drama, 1900-1960: International Dialogues. Comparative drama, Special double issue, Vol. 44.4, Winter 2010; Vol. 45.1, Spring 2011.

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