JRS 102 (2012) Available

Not for free, alas, but here’s what’s in this very interesting-looking issue:

  • Simon Price, Religious Mobility in the Roman Empire
  • Mary Beard, Cicero’s ‘Response of the haruspices’ and the Voice of the Gods
  • Katherine McDonald,The Testament of Vibius Adiranus
  • Roy Gibson, On the Nature of Ancient Letter Collections
  • Michael Kulikowski,Coded Polemic in Ammianus Book 31 and the Date and Place of its Composition
  • Robert Chenault, Statues of Senators in the Forum of Trajan and the Roman Forum in Late Antiquity
  • Alan Cameron, Anician Myths
  • Alison E. Cooley, Benet Salway, Roman Inscriptions 2006–2010
  • Richard Flower, Visions of Constantine

… Previews at the Cambridge Journals site: Journal of Roman Studies

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