Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 2013.01.40:  Luuk De Ligt, Peasants, Citizens and Soldiers: Studies in the Demographic History of Roman Italy 225 BC – AD 100.
  • 2013.01.39:  Hans-Friedrich Mueller, Caesar: Selections from his Commentarii De Bello Gallico. Text, notes, vocabulary.bmcr2
  • 2013.01.38:  Naoise Mac Sweeney, Community Identity and Archaeology: Dynamic Communities at Aphrodisias and Beycesultan.
  • 2013.01.37:  Richard F. Thomas, Horace: Odes Book IV and Carmen Saeculare. Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics.
  • 2013.01.36:  Pierre Carlier, Études mycéniennes 2010. Actes du XIIIe colloque international sur les textes égéens, Sèvres, Paris, Nanterre, 20-23 septembre 2010. Biblioteca di Pasiphae. 10.
  • 2013.01.35:  Eckard Lefèvre, Plautus’ Bacchides. ScriptOralia, 138. Reihe A: Altertumswissenschaftliche Reihe, Bd 40.
  • 2013.01.34:  James Allan Evans, Daily Life in the Hellenistic Age: from Alexander to Cleopatra (first published 2008).
  • 2013.01.33:  Christopher Smith, Liv Mariah Yarrow, Imperialism, Cultural Politics, and Polybius.
  • 2013.01.32:  Paula James, Ovid’s Myth of Pygmalion on Screen: in Pursuit of the Perfect Woman. Continuum studies in classical reception.
  • 2013.01.31:  Marco Fernandelli, Catullo e la rinascita dell’ epos: dal carme 64 all’ Eneide. Spudasmata, Bd 142.
  • 2013.01.30:  Luca Grillo, The Art of Caesar’s ‘Bellum Civile’: Literature, Ideology, and Community.
  • 2013.01.29:  Irene J. F. de Jong, Homer: Iliad. Book XXII. Cambridge Greek and Latin classics.
  • 2013.01.28:  Ray Laurence, David J. Newsome, Rome, Ostia, Pompeii: Movement and Space.
  • 2013.01.27:  Angeliki Tzanetou, City of Suppliants: Tragedy and the Athenian Empire. Ashley and Peter Larkin series in Greek and Roman culture.
  • 2013.01.26:  W. R. Paton, F. W. Walbank, Christian Habicht, Polybius: The Histories. Vol. V, Books 16-27 (revised edition). The Loeb Classical Library 160.
  • 2013.01.25:  Victor Coulon, Pierre Judet de La Combe, Aristophane. Les Grenouilles. Classiques en poche. Paris: 2012. Pp. l, 311. €13.50 (pb). ISBN 9782251355009.
    Reviewed by Alan H. Sommerstein.
  • 2013.01.24:  Kirk Ormand, A Companion to Sophocles. Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World. Literature and Culture
  • 2013.01.23:  Debra Hamel, Reading Herodotus: A Guided Tour through the Wild Boars, Dancing Suitors, and Crazy Tyrants of “The History”.
  • 2013.01.22:  Thomas Kuhn, Die jüdisch-hellenistischen Epiker Theodot und Philon: literarische Untersuchungen, kritische Edition und Übersetzung der Fragmente. Vertumnus Bd 9.
  • 2013.01.21:  Giuseppe Squillace, Menecrate di Siracusa: un medico del IV secolo a.C. tra Sicilia, Grecia e Macedonia. Spudasmata, Bd 141.
  • 2013.01.20:  Giorgos Georgiou, Jennifer M. Webb, David Frankel, Psematismenos-Trelloukkas: an Early Bronze Age Cemetery in Cyprus.

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