Statue of Hermes (?) from Patara

From Hurriyet:

A bronze Hermes statue from the Roman era, which has been unearthed during excavations in the ancient city of Patara in the southern province of Antalya’s Kaş district and restored at the Antalya Museum, was yesterday introduced to Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay.

The head of the excavations, Professor Havva İşkan Işık, said the four-meter long head statue was unique in Turkey and the world, saying, “we have never found such a stature before.”

Işık said the statue was estimated to date back to the period of Emperor Constantine. “This is a work from the late period, which makes it more special,” he said.

Following the uncovering of the statue, it was observed that the statue looked like the modern day people of the region.

… the original article has (for a change) a very nice photo of the clearly-restored piece. It actually looks like it’s a ‘herm’ of Apollo rather than a statue of Hermes, per se, but maybe it’s a ‘herm of Hermes’? That said, we haven’t heard from Patara in ages … poking around our archives:

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