Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 2013.01.54:  Elizabeth S. Belfiore, Socrates’ Daimonic Art: Loving for Wisdom in Four Platonic Dialogues. bmcr2
  • 2013.01.53:  Giannis Z. Tzifopoulos, Μεθώνη Πιερίας I: Επιγραφές, χαράγματα και εμπορικά σύμβολα στη γεωμετρική και αρχαϊκή κεραμική από το “Υπόγειο”.
  • 2013.01.52:  Gijs Willem Tol, A Fragmented History: a Methodological and Artefactual Approach to the Study of Ancient Settlement in the Territories of Satricum and Antium. Groningen archaeological studies, 18.
  • 2013.01.51:  C. Brian Rose, Gareth Darbyshire, The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion. Gordion special studies, 6.
  • 2013.01.50:  David Brakke, Deborah Deliyannis, Edward Watts, Shifting Cultural Frontiers in Late Antiquity.
  • 2013.01.49:  Neil Christie, The Fall of the Western Roman Empire: an Archaeological and Historical Perspective. Historical Endings.
  • 2013.01.48:  Armand D’Angour, The Greeks and the New: Novelty in Ancient Greek Imagination and Experience.
  • 2013.01.47:  Gerolemou auf Thumiger auf Maria Gerolemou, Bad Women, Mad Women.
    2013.01.46:  Maria Carmen De Vita, Giuliano imperatore filosofo neoplatonico. Temi metafisici e problemi del pensiero antico. Studi e testi, 121.
  • 2013.01.45:  Laurent Bricault, Richard Veymiers, Bibliotheca Isiaca II.
  • 2013.01.44:  Anthony Grafton, Glenn W. Most, Salvatore Settis, The Classical Tradition.
  • 2013.01.43:  Dexter Hoyos, A Companion to the Punic Wars. Blackwell companions to the ancient world. Ancient history.
  • 2013.01.42:  Sébastien​ Barbara, Jean Trinquier, Ophiaca: diffusion et réception des savoirs antiques sur les Ophidiens / Ophiaca: diffusion and reception of ophidian lore in antiquity. Anthropozoologica 2012 – 47(1)​.
  • 2013.01.41:  Biagio Santorelli, Giovenale, Satira IV: introduzione, traduzione e commento. Texte und Kommentare, Bd 40.

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