Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 2013.02.20:  Jesús Hernández Lobato, Vel Apolline muto: estética y poética de la Antigüedad tardía.
  • 2013.02.19:  Pietro Bortone, Greek Prepositions From Antiquity to the Present.bmcr2
  • 2013.02.18:  Kristina Sessa, The Formation of Papal Authority in Late Antique Italy: Roman Bishops and the Domestic Sphere.
  • 2013.02.17:  Drew Arlen Mannetter, I Came, I Saw, I Translated: an Accelerated Method for Learning Classical Latin in the 21st Century.
  • 2013.02.16:  Mark Vessey, A Companion to Augustine. Blackwell companions to the ancient world. Ancient history.
  • 2013.02.15:  Lutz Popko, Nadine Quenouille, Michaela Rücker, Von Sklaven, Pächtern und Politikern: Beiträge zum Alltag in Ägypten, Griechenland und Rom. Δουλικὰ ἔργα zu Ehren von Reinhold Scholl. Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete – Beihefte, 33.
  • 2013.02.14:  Kai Broderson, Censorinus: Über den Geburtstag. Edition Antike.
  • 2013.02.13:  Philip Hardie, Rumour and Renown: Representations of ‘Fama’ in Western Literature. Cambridge Classical Studies.
  • 2013.02.12:  Markus Schauer, Tragicorum Romanorum Fragmenta, Vol. 1: Livius Andronicus; Naevius; Tragici minores; Fragmenta adespota.
  • 2013.02.11:  Peter Van Deun, Caroline Macé, Encyclopedic Trends in Byzantium? Proceedings of the International Conference held in Leuven, 6-8 May 2009. Orientalia Lovaniensia analecta, 212.
  • 2013.02.10:  Chris Entwistle, Noël Adams, ‘Gems of Heaven:’ Recent Research on Engraved Gemstones in Late Antiquity c. AD 200-600. British Museum Research Publication 177.
  • 2013.02.09:  Marilia P. Futre Pinheiro, Stephen J. Harrison, Fictional Traces : Receptions of the Ancient Novel. Volume 2. Ancient Narrative Supplementum 14. 2.
    Marilia P. Futre Pinheiro, Stephen J. Harrison, Fictional Traces : Receptions of the Ancient Novel. Volume 1. Ancient Narrative Supplementum 14.1.
  • 2013.02.08:  Mariam F. Ayad, Coptic Culture: Past, Present and Future.
  • 2013.02.07:  Peter G. Walsh, Christopher Husch, One Hundred Latin Hymns: Ambrose to Aquinas. Dumbarton Oaks medieval library, 18.
  • 2013.02.06:  Bernard Eck, La mort rouge: homicide, guerre et souillure en Grèce ancienne. Collection d’Études anciennes. Série greque, 145​.
  • 2013.02.05:  John Noël Dillon, The Justice of Constantine: Law, Communication, and Control. Law and society in the ancient world.
  • 2013.02.04:  Silvia Ferrara, Cypro-Minoan inscriptions. Volume 1: Analysis.
  • 2013.02.03:  Lukas Thommen, An Environmental History of Ancient Greece and Rome (first published 2009; revised edition).
  • 2013.02.02:  Claudia Giontella, «… Nullus enim fons non sacer…». Culti idrici di epoca preromana e romana (Regiones VI-VII).

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