Warrior Grave from Russia

LiveScience’s Owen Jarus reports on an interesting find from the Caucasus … it’s on the periphery of our purview … here’s the incipit:

Hidden in a necropolis situated high in the mountains of the Caucasus in Russia, researchers have discovered the grave of a male warrior laid to rest with gold jewelry, iron chain mail and numerous weapons, including a 36-inch (91 centimeters) iron sword set between his legs.

That is just one amazing find among a wealth of ancient treasures dating back more than 2,000 years that scientists have uncovered there.

Among their finds are two bronze helmets, discovered on the surface of the necropolis. One helmet (found in fragments and restored) has relief carvings of curled sheep horns while the other has ridges, zigzags and other odd shapes.

Although looters had been through the necropolis before, the warrior’s grave appears to have been untouched. The tip of the sword he was buried with points toward his pelvis, and researchers found “a round gold plaque with a polychrome inlay” near the tip, they write in a paper published in the most recent edition of the journal Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia. […]

via: Treasure-Filled Warrior’s Grave Found in Russia

… there is a slide show of the finds (Image Gallery: Ancient Treasure Trove Discovered in Russia ) which includes a couple of very interesting helmets:

Valentina Mordvintseva photo via Live Science
Valentina Mordvintseva via Live Science

So we’re talking 2000 years b.p. or so … dare we say these helmets have Roman influence? Probably not, but there’s some interesting comparanda here to both Greek and Roman worlds, I suspect (and this culture is probably one of many lacunae in my repertoire) … also worth checking out is the chain mail that was found.

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