Roman Bracelets from Gokyurt

Brief item from Hurriyet:

During works carried out in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, three glass bracelets from the early Roman era have been unearthed.

The excavations are being conducted in the Meram and Selçuklu districts of Konya, as well as in the Gökyurt village and the Kızılören neighborhood within the borders of the city. A number of Roman and Byzantine architectural works have been found in the excavations so far, as well as the three glass bracelets, according to officials.

The head of the excavations, Professor Ali Boran said they had found the bracelets inside a mound in Gökyurt. He said the bracelets were made of black opaque glass material and that similar examples showed that they were from 5th and 7th centuries. The bracelets have been delivered to the Konya Archaeology Museum.

… a photo of the bracelets accompanies the original article, but surely there must have been other things found?

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