This Day in Ancient History:

kalendae martiae

  • This was originally the beginning of the New Year for the ancient Romans (and the consuls would probably enter office on this date prior to 153 B.C.)
  • Festival of Mars, which included a procession of the Salian priests around the city singing their mysterious Carmen Saliare
  • “birthday” of the temple of Juno Lucina
  • Matronalia — a sort of ‘unofficial’ festival during which it was customary for hubbies to pray for the ongoing health of their spouses and give them presents; for their part, the wives apparently served the slaves (sort of like Saturnalia and Mother’s Day rolled into one)
  • 293 A.D. — Co-emperor Maximian adopts Constantius, who is given the title Caesar (and it is possible that Diocletian similarly adopted and conferred a similar title upon Galerius)
  • 2005 — birth of our dog, named by the rogueclassicist as Tyche, but misheard by the liberi as Tyke …

One thought on “This Day in Ancient History:

  1. Tnx for the post – esp. about the new years dating. So…you are saying that after 153BC the new year was moved to Jan. 1st as it remains today or was it some other day? Also, given the fluctuating calendars prior to good ol’ JCaesar cleaning things up, was that March 1st as noted above really March 1st as part of a calendar “reset” or was it the date they THOUGHT it was and in reality might have been some other month?

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