Roman Finds from Manisa

A pair of painfully brief items, but if we post both, the picture isn’t too vaguae. First, from Turkish Press:

A number of historical artifacts believed to date back to the Roman period have been unearthed by a backhoe operator in the Sarigol district of the western province of Manisa.

Salih Sari was digging in a field when he hit something. He stopped the backhoe and searched the area with a shovel and found numerous artifacts that are believed to belong to the Roman period.

The artifacts were taken to the Manisa Museum.

… and from Sanliurfa:

3 marble tombs of children along with a vat, a pot, and a bowl of Roman era were discovered in a field near Afsar village of Manisa province’s Sarigol district in western Turkey during a routine work in the field.

A gendarmerie unit was informed about the discovery, and the historical artefacts were delivered to Manisa Museum.

The latter includes a really bad photo of what are apparently the finds. FWIW …


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