Chest Plate (?) Recovered

A brief, and as always, tantalizing item from Hurriyet:

An armor plate, worn by ancient warriors on their chest, has been seized in the northwestern province of Çanakkale’s Lapseki district. The man in possession of the plate, which is thought to have historical importance, has been taken into custody.

Following a tip off, the Lapseki gendarmerie observed a carpenter named M.S., who was allegedly attempting to smuggle historical artifacts, for a week. Then he was seized with the armor plate, which is made up of three pieces. The plate was delivered to the Archaeology Museum Directorate. An examination will reveal the period of the armor plate.

The original article is accompanied by this image:

… clearly not Roman, but we’ll hopefully hear more about this because Lapseki is the ancient Lampsacus, so we have Greek settlers in the area from the 6th century B.C. or thereabouts. The pose of the warrior might seem Hellenizing, at least, but I can’t recall a Greek cuirass which isn’t ‘muscled’ …

6 thoughts on “Chest Plate (?) Recovered

  1. I think it is horse armour. The hinged sections cover the sides of the head, with the baskets protecting the eyes.

    1. Possibly … the more I look at it the more I wonder about it being a cuirass … would be nice if it had some measurements.

  2. If I’m asked, this looks more like the headpiece from a horse’s armor. This assumption I associate from my previous readings on the Roman military and their armor reconstructions…but I can be wrong.

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