Greek ‘Villas’ in Southern Russia?

From Greek Reporter:

Borysthenes and other Greek colonies along the...
Borysthenes and other Greek colonies along the north coast of the Black Sea in the 5th century BCE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During archeological excavations next to the Russkaya gas compressor station, near Anapa in Southern Russia, the foundations of three Ancient Greek villas that scientists said date from the 2nd and 3d centuries B.C., have been uncovered.

Archeologists found clay pots, fragments of a weaving loom, a pair of scissors and several coins. The villas were part of Gorgippia, a prospering antique city of the Bosporan Kingdom.

The coins minted in another ancient city, Panticapaeum, modern Kerch, enabled to determine the age of the artifacts.

“We have looked in some detail, recorded and photographed the ruins of one of the villas and all the objects found during excavations,” said the General Director of the Archaeology Mission to Rostov, Vladislav Vereshchagin. “We took anything of value with us, for further processing. In the future, these items will be donated to the museum.”

Russkaya is the starting point of the future South Stream pipeline from Russia to Bulgaria. South Stream is scheduled to become operational in 2013. The 900-kilometre-long undersea section of the pipeline will run from the gas compressor facility at Beregovaya, on Russia’s Black Sea coast, near Arkhipo-Osipovka, towards the city of Burgas, in Bulgaria. The sea’s maximum depth on this route is 2,000 meters.

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