Classics Confidential: Nancy Rabinowitz on Greek Tragedy

A couple of interviews with Dr Rabinowitz … here’s the intro to the lengthy blurb for the first:

On the occasion of the Classical Reception Studies Network graduate workshop that they co-organised at the Institute of Classical Studies CC’s Anastasia Bakogianni talks to Nancy Rabinowitz, Professor of Comparative Literature at Hamilton College. They discuss their shared interest in the theme of war and the portrayal of women in Greek tragedy, theme of their workshop. […]

… and the intro to the second:

In the second interview with Professor Nancy Rabinowitz CC’s Anastasia Bakogianni asks her about her work teaching Greek tragedy in American prisons. The starting point for her was the desire to diversify the appeal of Greek tragedy by engaging with modern revivals of Greek tragedy and by taking these ancient dramas beyond the classroom. […]

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