The “Apollo” of Gaza ~ Part Ia: Fishy Tales and Timelines

This is an appendage to my previous post on our initial foray into the
“Apollo of Gaza” and it’s a fresh post so those who have read the previous one will get it. (hence part ia)

Tip o’ the pileus to Vernon Silver on Twitter for pointing us to some coverage in the Arabic press. I do not read Arabic but can get the gist, of course, from Google Translate. Your mileage may vary.

The first one comes from SamaNews on September 24 … I’m not positive it refers to our find (the photo doesn’t match and the names are different, but it seems to be a stock photo). It does suggest an Egyptian origin for the statue!

The second one is far, far, far, more important. It comes from something called Dostorasly and dates to October 4th. The name seems to be the same one as in the previous article (and it isn’t the one we know). More importantly, however, we get a non-‘photoshoot’ photo from the Palestine Press News Agency. Ecce:

ppnaSmurf blanket gone …

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