The Papyrus Series: Introduction

As many folks are aware, there have been a number of newsworthy items regarding recent discoveries of papyri which we haven’t specifically mentioned in rogueclassicism yet, although they have appeared (to some extent) in our blogosphere curations. I do apologize for not ‘keeping up’ with such things (I’m having an unusually hectic year this year), but what is rather fortuitous is that sitting on so many related posts-in-the-making has allowed a very interesting ‘big picture’ to emerge about the vast majority of these papyri (including recent developments with the Sappho papyrus and the so-called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife). As such, over the next few days you will be seeing interspersed amongst other things, posts with some allusion to the ‘Papyrus Series’ … I’ll also set up a Category for it in case you’re worried you miss one or two. The ‘big picture’ post will hopefully show up by Wednesday at the latest and should bring all the erstwhile apparently disparate threads together. Stay tuned; I think you’ll enjoy this ..

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