Summer Online Courses at Montclair State

Seen on the Classics list:

Next week the first of a series of summer terms begins at Montclair State University. There is plenty of time to register for those courses that begin in early June or even later — some do not begin until August 8th. We have fairly complete program in Classics as well as Humanities running this summer, nearly all online. Some of the standout courses

GNHU320-­-91 (19627)Special TopicsinInterdisciplinaryHuman

ities: BruceSpringsteen,TheManandtheMusic (online) GNHU320-­-92(11200)SpecialTopicsinInterdisciplinaryHumanities:Classics&Cinema (online) GNHU332-­-91 (11185) Special Topicsin Ancient History: Alexander the Great (online) GNHU283-­-91(10623)Women,SexandGenderintheAncientWorld(online) GNHU/REG209-­-91(10617)Introduction toGreekand RomanReligion (online) Some of these can be taken for graduate credit, if special arrangements are made with the instructor.

 Plus our regular offerings :  GNHU 115 (Troy and the Trojan War) (online) , GNHU 201 (General Humanities I F2F and 1 online section) , GNHU 202 (General Humanities II F2F ), GNHU 281 (Greek Civilization , online), GNHU 282 (Roman Civilization, online), GNHU 285 (Mythology, all sections online) . We also offer Latin I and II online

You can see all our Summer and Fall courses at

It is easy for non-MSU students (even high school students) to take summer courses. See the summer sessions page at

And also for visiting students

Finally, for those desiring to participate in an archaeological excavation this summer, on June 28 our fifth year of excavation at the ‘Villa of the Antontines’ at Genzano di Roma, Italy. There is still time to get on board, but you must contact Tim Renner (rennert AT For more on the Genzano program see

If you have any questions, or have problems registering for these courses, let me know. We can often help. And please pass the word to all interested people.

Jean Alvares, Chair, Classics and General Humanities (alvaresj AT

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